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octubre 18, 2010 / 100xna

Nuevos articulos sobre WP7 en APP HUB


Hoy han sido publicados una serie de nuevos artículos en el APP HUB (antiguo Creator’s Club) los cuales son muy interesantes. Deberíais pegarle un vistazo. Estos nuevos artículos se centran en Windows Phone 7, y tratan sobre todo sobre rendimiento y buenas practicas de programación, cosa que es muy importante ya estemos programando para PC, Xbox360 o WIndows Phone 7.

A continuación, os dejo con los enlaces a los artículos:

Performance Utility

Add these powerful tools to your next game and take advantage of profiling, frames-per-second counting, and an on-screen customizable debug console, all in one handy package

Performance Sample

If you’d like to take the performance utility out for a spin and learn about 3D drawing and performance in the process, try this 3D demo, already instrumented with the powerful performance utility.

Shape Rendering

Debug and tune your game with visual data using this heavily-optimized batched rendering sample that can be called from anywhere in your game to render lines, triangles, bounding boxes, frustums and spheres, all with tunable lifetimes.

Performance Considerations for WP7 Article

Get answers to Windows Phone 7 performance questions around content loading and memory management, as well as instructions on using the CLR Profiler to dig deep into allocations and garbage collection.

Best Practices for WP7 Games Article

If you’ve got aspirations of being on Windows Phone Marketplace, be sure to read this guide on bringing the best experiences to your potential customers. Learn the best practices around graphics, input, audio, and storage for games on Windows Phone 7.

Tombstoning for WP7 Games Article

Learn how to play best in the Windows Phone 7 environment – learn how to handle and recover from interruptions that require your game to save state, exit, and return later with state and content intact.

Bonus: Memory Madness 4-Point Multi-Touch Lab

Curious about Windows Phone 7’s four-point multitouch capability? Try it out and learn how to implement it yourself with this challenging memory game!

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